Replica Hublot VS Breguet

26 февраля 2020

In terms of brand popularity, Hublot is less popular than Breguet. Partly because they are a much younger brand. Nonetheless, Hublot is still a very popular brand, and of the top-50 most valuable Swiss brands (including Swiss watchmakers, Swiss banks, Swiss chocolatiers, etc.) are in the #40 position making them the 14th most popular Swiss watchmaking brand. They have an estimated brand value of 401 million CHF (Swiss francs); less than half of that of Breguet.
Breguet is one of the oldest watchmakers that is still making watches today. They are especially well known by those who know their horology and love the history of watchmaking. They are a more historically significant brand compared to Hublot and have made numerous precious contributions to the age-old craft of mechanical watchmaking (especially in their earlier years).

Hublot, because of their age, is considered a less prestigious brand than Breguet albeit still a luxury brand. In other words, their watches are not cheap. They are aggressive with their marketing and do many small batches of limited-edition rolex swiss replica watches to keep things as exclusive as possible. Being the new kid on the block isn’t easy for a watchmaker that is up against brands that are in many cases, literally hundreds of years older than you.

Regardless, they are a trending brand that has been moving up and up at a steady pace since its inception. They have produced some impressive timepieces and have earned their stripes among the respected watchmakers. Nonetheless, Hublot is still a different type of wristwatch brand that creates very different watches than Breguet and they are catering to a very different type of crowd.
When it comes to precision, we need to separate each brand into two categories: quartz watches (battery-powered movement) and mechanically powered watches (powered by using the incremental release of spring tension in the movement). First, a brief explanation for the uninitiated, just in case.

Ironically, the movements that are more accurate are also less expensive to produce. Of course, these are the more affordably priced quartz calibers that came to the marketplace in the 1970s. These use a battery that sends a charge to a quartz crystal causing it to resonate at a very high frequency, a frequency much higher than that which any mechanical movement ever developed can produce on its own. Hublot offers some battery-powered quartz watches with this higher accuracy. However, Breguet only produces mechanically powered best replica watches. Most luxury watch collectors prefer mechanical watches since there is a certain mystique about how they are engineered and an added esoteric value regarding how they operate.

When it comes to precision in chronometry, especially concerning mechanically powered watches (with non-quartz movements), this is an area that watchmaking aficionados have a field day discussing. Some common terms like COSC certified and Chronometer are often thrown around. For those that need to know what that is, COSC is a French acronym for the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. They are a third-party laboratory that tests watch movements for high precision and awards a special designation of ‘Chronometer’ to the ones that meet a minimum standard of a deviation of no greater than -4/+6 seconds per day. For mechanical watches, this is considered to be a great accuracy rating.